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The Holy Town of Pushkar, India

The Holy Town of Pushkar, Rajasthan, a popular place with us

The One World is Enough Story

One day in late 1995, Peter Harlow was bored, he was working in a consultant civil engineering office in Cambridge. He had got a degree in Civil Engineering as he wanted to see the world, but he was disillusioned as all he had seen was the inside of a design office and for a brief period a windy stretch of motorway where he oversaw some roadworks.

He wanted to travel to Asia, to see exotic places, to meet new people and to experience life from a different perspective. So when the boss came in and told the staff that the office was closing and the staff could either relocate to Birmingham or take the redunduncy package, Peter was delighted. He headed down to the Library and got out every travel book he could find, soon the trip had been organised, flights booked and the house rented out to a Columbian financial adviser! Peter persuaded his girlfriend Laura to come with him and even managed to get the local paper interested in the ' Dream Trip Couple', he got a contract to send back reports on their trip from exotic locations around the World.

The trip started with a baptism of fire, they flew into Delhi arriving in the middle of the night, when the whole city slept. Our intrepid adventurers teamed up with two Americans who they met on the plane who seemed pretty cool, it was only when the Americans pulled their floral suitcases off the baggage carousel that the dream trip couple started having their doubts that these guys were good people to hook up with! One of the Americans got chatting to a guy who claimed to be a taxi drivier and before they knew it all four of them were in a very old car that smelt strongly of hot oil. Peter told the driver that we wished to go to Pahar Ganj, the area of cheap backpacker hotels by New Delhi Railway Station, but of course they were taken to the drivers cousin house which he claimed was a hotel! When Peter complained the cousin told him that Pahar Ganj was closed as a bomb had gone off! Luckily Peter had read all about this scam , It was only when he got out and started taking the bags out of the boot that the driver agreed to drive to then to where they wanted to go...... .

Their Trip was one big adventure, Peter is thinking of writing a book about it, if only he had the time!! Suffice to say they spent the next twelve months traveling around India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand with a quick break in Australia and New Zealand where Peter scrubbed up and was best man at his brothers wedding in Perth.

During their trip they ended up meeting lots of wonderful artisans making lots of beautiful things, however they could only produce goods for their local market, and as many of the countries were very poor the local people could not afford to buy the things the artisans produced. So Peter & Laura thought that if they could design goods that would sell to a western market then they could help the artisans make a much better living and at the same time bring lovely handmade things to a western market that had forgotten the value of handmade things and was dominated by bland mass produced products.

Now, fifteen years later Peter still goes out every year to visit his producers, they have all become good family friends. He designs every collection, creating a fusion of Western design and cut with Eastern textiles and prints. He has a real passion for design, for textiles and producing something original, contemporary and wearable. Gone are the days where Peter would know all his customers personally, but the personal touch remains in all that One World is Enough does

During the last fifteen years One World is Enough has grown from an idea, to being first a market and festival store to being a high street shop, website and wholesaler to independant shops across the World. Who knows what the next fifteen years have in store!

But One World is Enough remains true to their founding mission, to help artisans in developing countries to help themselves and to bring new and orginal products to western consumers.  Click here to read our ethical policy.

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Monkeys outside our bedroom in Pushkar, warming up in the early morning sun